medical equipment pick up

call 908-396-6057 to schedule an appointment

saturday's 8:00 am-11:30

Leave a detailed message about the type of equipment you are looking for, your name and a good phone number for us to reach you. After reviewing your message and checking availability we will call you back and schedule an appointment for you to pick the equipment up.


Saturday equipment pick up

  • Scroll below to see directions to the ministry
  • You cannot be allowed into any of our buildings at this time.
  • Arrive at your scheduled date and time.
  • Use caution when driving on the property. Watch for parking instructions from the volunteers.
  • Please be aware of changing traffic flow.
  • Turn off your motor.
  • Please sign the Equipment Pick up and Release Form Liability Form.
  • Please have empty space prepared in your vehicle for the equipment you are about to receive.
  • Equipment will be loaded by volunteers.
  • Exit as instructed. 

Shed Pick up area

Sometimes we know it is difficult to get to the ministry on Saturday's. Don't worry we have you covered.

We have two sheds on the property, lovingly called Shed 1 and Shed 2. In the event you cannot pickup on Saturday, our phone representative may instruct you to pickup your equipment from one of the sheds. Please pay attention to which shed they instruct you to take your equipment from.


located on the pluckemin church property

Google Maps works best for directions and navigating with your phone to our location. Entering the property via the driveway adjacent to the offices of Habitat for Humanity is the best. 


The easiest way to enter the property to pick up your equipment is by turning into the drive near the Habitat for Humanity Offices. Proceed slowly past their office building and park head first in the pickup/loading area. You will be met by a volunteer to assist you.